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High Voltage LED Strip
AC Glide Series-230VAC

淘金棋牌官方下载 www.jtecrx.com.cn LED Model:811XS-0012-001C STD High-Efficacy (80LED/M)

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Part  No.

LED Type




Max. Length

Lumen Flux


IP Rating

811XS-0012-001C STD High-Efficacy


PVC Extrusion)








50M [164ft.]

Increment is

0.1M [0.33ft.]




/ CRI80&90

IP40 indoor 

by snap connector/

IP65 outdoor 

by gluing



1. Upgraded design, no extruded conducted wire, adopting dual-colors extrusive PVC tube, more concise and graceful appearance, more flexible bend, and more simplified production process.

2. Simple and quick assembly procedure, no need the operation of peeling PVC tube, locking screw and soldering.

3. Patent driverless design, with on-board constant current IC driver and rectifier, direct AC power supply without external driver, supports hot plug operation.

4. Over-voltage, over-current and over temperature protection with on-board smart IC driver.

5. Thick and soft PVC tube insures the electrical safety certified by CE standard.

6. Advanced PVC raw material exclusive for outdoor usage, with strong weather resistance in UV resistant and flameproof.

7. All kinds of customized lengths can be realized base on the multiple of increment.

8. Available in IP40 indoor or IP65 outdoor application.

9. LED rated lifespan in 50,000 hours, CE and RoHS approval.

10. 3 years warranty for indoor application, 2 years warranty for outdoor application.

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